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Spring 2022
May 28, 2022
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Syllabus Information
Creative Problem Solving - 25080 - ENT 304 - 0

Associated Term: Spring 2022
Levels: Undergraduate

Reynolda Campus (UG) Campus
Lecture Schedule Type
Traditional Instructional Method

Learning Objectives: Most organizational environments – corporate, non-profit, and start-ups – are characterized by an accelerating rate of change, dynamic complexity, growing uncertainty, and disruption. Today’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders need to be equipped to deal with “wicked problems” that are poorly understood, difficult to formulate, with an unknown and unknowable set of possible answers, and no way to determine a definitive correct response. This course is strategically designed to expose students to identify what is a problem worth solving and to instill creative, curious, and intellectually humble mindsets within them in how they arrive at their solution(s). To accomplish these tasks, this course aims to (a) facilitate the cultivation of an interdisciplinary approach to complex problem solving, (b) build a tolerance for ambiguity and risk-taking in group dynamics, and (c) foster both an awareness of and action on intellectual, moral, and performance virtues that correspond to the entire process. Overall, students will adopt a radically cross-trainable, entrepreneurial mindset in order to think convergently and divergently about how to creatively problem solve, think flexibly, and interact in kind within a team.
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